You Need Stop Eating Before You’re Full

You Need Stop Eating Before You’re Full

The stomach is nearly as big as your fist. This is where the food goes after it leaves the mouth. We’re not supposed to fill it full while eating, but leave at least 10% of the space for air as this helps improve digestion. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of this and they eat as much food as they want until they can’t swallow more.


Overeating has a few side effects. The easiest one to recognize is obesity. It’s not hard to see how eating more than the recommended calorie intake will lead to this. Different foods have different calorie counts. If what you eat consists of mainly carbs and fats, then this make things worse. Overeating such foods will cause a quick weight gain given that they’re high in calories.

Excess weight puts so much stress on your body. Besides, you will be more sluggish than usual. Overeating may also cause health issues. If you eat burgers, pizza, and other similar foods without increasing activity levels, this can change the way your insulin works eventually. Don’t be surprised if you have diabetes in the future. High-fat foods are worse because they can cause cardiovascular disease.

Don’t take your body for granted. Once it’s infested with diseases, it will take so much effort to get rid of them. Overeating also puts pressure on organs that take part in the digestive process. As time goes by, their ability to help us process foods will gradually decline. Instead of overworking them, you should limit food consumption by watching portion sizes.

How about overeating healthy food?

Overconsumption of anything can adversely affect your health. Vitamins are healthy, right? But taking vitamins more than their daily thresholds, would it still be good? The same applies to drugs. They are effective when taken according to the dosage, but taking more would lead to an overdose. Nothing good comes out of overconsumption of nutrients. Don’t use the ‘healthy’ label as an excuse to overeat.

How to stop eating before full

It’s hard to stop this bad habit if you’ve had it for a long time, but there are a few changes you can do. Eating with chopsticks might help. Some people tend to eat more slowly when they use this equipment instead of a spoon. It works by slowing down your eating, so you can feel full before eating too many calories. You can also divide your meals into smaller meals. It’s better to eat smaller meals more frequently than eating 2 or 3 large meals daily because this will teach your stomach to limit calorie intake.

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