The Effectiveness of a No Sugar Diet for Weight Loss

Benefits of a no sugar diet

Sugar is literally everywhere. It’s not the just the granulated type. The foods you eat every day also contain this substance. It’s in fruits, bread, cakes, pasta, and much more. If you eat a lot of refined carbs, it means you eat a lot of sugar. There is no need to drink your sugar because that would jack up the daily sugar intake, which could cause health issues in the long run.

As we know, a diet high in sugar is a major cause of diabetes. This condition is characterized by the inability of the cells to use glucose because it has developed insulin resistance. And this can be triggered by over consumption of sugar for a long period of time. Trouble in managing blood sugar can take a toll on your body. There shouldn’t be a high level of sugar in the blood because it can harm many organs.

A no sugar diet is ideal for those who want to lose weight. Keep in mind that sugar is high in calories. You wouldn’t realize how much sugar you consume daily because it’s not satiating at all but packing plenty of calories. Sugar has been blamed for the increase in obesity. It’s directly linked to how the body regulates hormones like cortisol and insulin.

People who consume sugar excessively have a 60% higher risk of developing obesity. Another issue that can be avoided with a no sugar diet is sugar cravings. This addiction is no joke because research shows that this sweet substance affects the brain similarly to drugs. It increases the level of dopamine, a chemical that triggers the feelings of pleasure and happiness.

How effective is a no sugar diet?

If by being no sugar means getting rid of refined sugar, then it’s totally possible. But if it means cutting out all the sugar sources, then it’s borderline impossible. As said before, sugar is not just the white granulated type. It also exists in various foods we consume especially the ones with carbs in them. A no sugar diet may be good for weight loss, but the body still needs it to provide energy. Even if you’re on keto, consumption of carbs is still allowed as long as it’s restricted.

A diet low in sugar should be effective for weight loss. The reason behind it is because the body always prefers sugar to other fuels like fat. Fat will be used when sugar isn’t present. A low sugar diet aims to starve the body of sugar, so it can switch to using the fat deposits, which eventually results in a weight loss.

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