Speed Up Metabolism To Burn Fat More And Faster

Speed Up Metabolism To Burn Fat More And Faster

There are many things to take into account when you want to lose weight. In addition to counting your daily calorie intake, the rate of your body’s metabolism also plays an essential role. Everybody has a different success story when it comes to weight loss. Some can do it in a relatively short time, while others failed to get good results even after pulling out all the stops. It’s important to remember that your bodies aren’t created equal. Some people are blessed with high metabolism, which means they wouldn’t have a hard time losing weight whenever they want to do it.
Understanding the metabolic rate

Mitochondria is responsible for the process of burning fuel in the body. There is the term called the ‘Basal Metabolic Rate’ which refers to the number of calories the body requires to regulate all the things going on inside, such as transporting nutrients, repairing damaged cells, etc. So, what affects this rate? There are a few factors, but age, sex, and weight are the most common ones.

There are also external factors that affect it just as much, such as food intake and exercise. So if you decide to start working out after being sedentary for quite a long time, your metabolism will increase because the body needs more energy to adapt to the new high activity levels. Eating certain foods will also help fire up your metabolism. Be careful with what you eat because it would have a big impact on your body.


Exercise has always been the key to an effective weight loss. Many people don’t follow a strict diet but can shed a few pounds quickly through exercise. If you have carefully watched your calorie intake and nothing has happened so far, then increasing the rate in which your body is burning energy is probably the better idea.

Get fat-burning nutrients

There are some foods that can boost metabolism, one of which is cayenne pepper. Capsaicin is the powerful compound behind its calorie-burning ability. It works by raising the heat in your body, which finally contributes to the burning process. Green tea is another herb you can consume to rev up metabolism.

Many products use green tea as the main ingredient because it’s believed to have a slimming effect. Besides, green tea is also rich in antioxidants, so consuming it regularly will provide wonderful health benefits to the body. Drink a cup of green tea every morning to start your day. Add some mint because this herb also has properties to aid in weight loss. Mint is particularly helpful for stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes in the body.

Eat more often

Instead of eating 3 times of big meals every day, it’s better to eat smaller portions throughout the day because it keeps the metabolism running. Besides, this way of eating is also better for controlling blood sugar levels. As we know, blood sugar tends to peak a few hours after eating. The peak corresponds to the amount of food consumed. The bigger the meal, the higher the peak will be. This could be unhealthy in the long run, so get used to eating smaller portions every day.

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