How Hydration Affects Your Weight Loss Program

How Hydration Affects Your Weight Loss Program

Water makes up about 70 percent of the body, but it seems that people don’t give it enough attention especially when it’s related to weight loss efforts. Water may not directly burn calories like certain compounds do, but it helps regulate body temperature and carry nutrients throughout the body. In other words, water plays an important role in keeping us healthy. We’re recommended to drink around 2 liters of water a day. This amount is enough to keep the body from dehydration.

How staying hydrated might help with weight loss

It’s easy to tell when the body is deprived of liquids. You’ll become lethargic and the throat feels dry. This will eventually make you lazy to exercise and do things that can burn calories. As a result, it will be hard to lose weight. Another way water can help you lose weight is by improving transport of nutrients. Waste products coming from food need to be constantly flushed out of the body. While some organs have specific functions with regards to waste filtration, it’s water that helps carry those waste out. Therefore, not drinking enough water will slow down this process.

Water also has a satiating effect despite packing no calories. If you’re hungry and having no access to food at the moment, just fill the stomach with water, instead. It can keep your hunger away for some time. Many people have shared their success stories about using water as a diet tool. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to drink water all the time, but you can drink instead of eating every once in a while.

Drink water before having a meal

As said earlier, water has an appetite suppressing effect. Drinking water can trick your brain into thinking that you just filled the stomach with food, only this time there were no calories in it. It can satiate your hunger pangs for some time, but once the liquid leaves the stomach, they will be back. The satiating effect can be put to good use if you swallow water along with food. Start your meal with a few gulps of water. This will make you feel full faster and reduce the calorie intake.

Imagine you cut down 70 calories per meal, it means you can reduce calorie intake up to 210 calories a day assuming you eat 3 times daily. This is quite significant for weight loss especially when exercise is incorporated. You can also shed a few pounds by skipping sweet beverages in favor of plain water. Most people can’t resist sugary drinks, but for the sake of your health, this habit needs to go at least until you have achieved your goals.
Drink cold water

It’s never advised to drink ice water after doing an intense workout because it will disrupt the body’s normal temperature. We actually use the body’s temperature-regulating system to burn calories in this scenario. Our body has its own mechanism to maintain internal temperature. When a cold liquid enters the system and causes a sudden temperature drop, the system will try to bring it back to normal by burning more calories. There are still better ways to lose weight than just drinking chilled water.

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