Healthy Eating Habits That You Need To Try At Home

Cut Down Sugar

It’s impossible to avoid sugar because it’s contained in various foods especially those high in carbs. What we meant by cutting down sugar is you shouldn’t eat sweet treats which contain a lot of granulated sugar. The keyword here is granulated sugar although there are also other types of sugar you may not realize to have been added to the snacks you eat.

Just make sure you don’t eat a lot of processed foods because sugar is one of the primary ingredients. Sugar is good in the right amount, but excessive consumption can lead to insulin problems. Well, fruits contain sugar, too. However, they are also loaded with nutritional benefits, so eating them is still better than snacking which is typically carbs without other essential nutrients.

Take time to chew

Can you chew 32 times before swallowing a bite of food? Many of us chew fewer than the recommendation but have never realized that. Chewing is an important part of digestion. We’re born with teeth for a reason. They can aid in the digestive process, so nutrients in food can be used to their full potential. Besides, taking time to chew also makes us feel full longer. This is great if you plan on losing some weight.

Don’t eat too much snacks

Packaged foods don’t have much to offer when it comes to nutritional value. Biscuits, chips, cakes, crackers, they may taste good, but rarely have anything aside from carbs and fats. While these nutrients still play an important role in metabolism, overeating will only lead to a weight gain. Besides, there are many healthier choices, such as whole grains, avocados, nuts, etc. Eat actual foods instead of those made of refined ingredients.

Avoid deep frying

Again, foods with lots of grease are more tempting to eat, but they also carry health risks like cardiovascular disease. Even if they’re fried in a healthier oil like canola or sunflower oil, eating too much would still be detrimental to health. Fried chicken and French fries are some favorite foods cooked with a large amount of oil or called deep frying. Even vegetables can be bad for health when they’re cooked this way. Instead of submerging your food in hot oil, use only a few tablespoons to cook. This method is called sautéing, much healthier as it stops you from eating too much fat.

Eat different kinds of foods

It’s not plausible to expect all nutrients to be contained in one food. Some foods may be richer in nutrients compared to the others, but they still won’t have everything (macro and micronutrients). This is exactly why a following a specific diet in the long run is not recommended. There are diets that are focused only on protein or fat.

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