Cutting Out Rice From Your Diet Make A Difference?

Cutting Out Rice From Your Diet Make A Difference?

Carbs like rice are often blamed for people’s failure to lose weight, but will skipping it make a difference? White rice especially may not be the healthiest type of carbs since it’s quickly converted into sugar. However, the speed of it being broken down into sugar has nothing to do with its calories. Whether it’s slow or fast, the total calories in a serving of rice won’t change. In order to lose weight, calories are all that matters. The speed basically shows its Glycemic Index, which is more related to blood sugar levels than anything.

Rice alternatives

First of all, we must remember that there are some rice varieties. The one that people most commonly consume is white rice. If you want a healthier version, go for brown rice. It’s miles better than white rice. Although not as tasty, brown rice belongs to complex carbs, which means it takes longer to digest. This will directly affect your satiety levels. By replacing white rice with brown rice, it’s possible that you will eat less not only because it’s more satiating, but also because it tastes kind of bland.

Many still can’t get used to the flavor even after eating it for quite some time. They just eat it because it’s more nutritious than the white counterpart. Brown rice is also better at controlling blood sugar. This is due to the relatively low Glycemic Index. For those who want to reduce the risk of diabetes, eating brown rice or mixing it with white rice would be a terrific idea.

Making rice healthier

White rice wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t for the fast absorption in the body. However, you can do a few things to make it healthier for a diet. The first one is to reduce the amount of water for cooking. The more water added to the cooker, the fluffier it would be. There’s one trick to lower the starch content. Right after the rice is almost fully cooked, drain the water. Don’t wait until it becomes mushy.

In addition to choosing the more nutritious varieties, you also need to eat it plain. Don’t make fried rice or another because this would raise the calories and end up being fattening. If your goal is to achieve weight loss, then count your calories strictly. Another way to eat rice more healthily is by reducing the consumption.

Carbs aren’t the only nutrient that the body needs for proper functioning. It also needs protein, fat, fiber, etc. Speaking of fiber, this is beneficial for weight loss because it can curb the appetite. Instead of eating only rice for breakfast / lunch, eat also vegetables. Vegetables are loaded with dietary fiber, very effective for keeping hunger at bay.

Count your calories

All in all, rice is far from the worst foods for dieting. As long as you eat it in moderation, everything will be fine. Rice has become a staple food in various parts of the world, so it shouldn’t be skipped at all. Keep in mind that rice is not the only carb-rich food you’ll find daily. Refined carbs like burgers, pasta, cakes are also everywhere and they’re consumed at even more alarming quantities because people love the flavors. For your information, a bowl of cooked rice contains about 204 calories. This is an ideal amount to eat per meal. Just throw in veggies and you’ll feel full in a few minutes.

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