Chicken and Broccoli Diet Works, But Not Sustainable

Chicken and Broccoli Diet Works, But Not Sustainable

The chicken and broccoli diet is a type of diet which consists of 2 components, chicken and broccoli. This looks like a typical high protein diet if it wasn’t for the broccoli. Well, broccoli has numerous health benefits, so this still makes a good diet plan. This vegetable is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and of course fiber.

What happens when you follow this diet?

Here’s what you will experience after following a chicken and broccoli diet for a while. In the first few days, you will start losing water. In the previous post we already stated that water weight is not the same as fat weight. In order to lose weight permanently, you have to burn the stored fat deposits, not just flushing water out of the system.

As you continue with the diet, you will also lose fat. Protein is potent for burning fat, which is why bodybuilders usually focuses on building their muscle mass. While chicken is healthy, keep in mind that certain parts contain more fat content, such as the skin. If you want to eat mainly lean protein, then eat skinless chicken. Broccoli can also help by curbing the appetite thanks to the high dietary fiber.


A diet plan focused on certain nutrients is not healthy for long term. A chicken and broccoli diet may help you lose a significant amount of body weight. However, you shouldn’t follow it for too long without incorporating other essential nutrients. Although protein is necessary to support cellular metabolisms, carbs are just as important. You can only get this nutrient from other foods.

A lack of carb intake will cause extreme exhaustion. When you don’t have energy, it will be harder to do daily activities. We know that moving burns calories, so when you become less active due to tiredness, it can hinder your weight loss goals.
Why is this effective?

Broccoli is one of the lowest-calorie vegetables ever. When your diet consists mainly of broccoli, you will stop eating before you ingest too many calories. There are about 31 calories in 1 cup of broccoli. These numbers are very low. You can eat as much broccoli as you want and still far from reaching the daily calorie recommendation. This vegetable also has no fat.

As we know, fatty-foods are typically loaded with calories. To succeed with a diet program, you have to limit the consumption of this type of food. Eat broccoli anytime, there is no need to worry about fat and cholesterol. That’s not to say that fat is bad. We still need fat since some fats are considered healthy. However, if you have the desire to trim down weight fast, cutting down the fat intake is the way to go.

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