Beginner’s Guide To The Pollotarian Diet

Beginner’s Guide To The Pollotarian Diet

You may be unfamiliar with the term “pollotarian”, but it’s not a new concept. Have you thought about eating poultry and avoiding red meats? That’s the key to this diet. Basically, a pollotarian diet includes poultry, such as chicken, turkey, and other two-legged varieties. What it excludes is red meats. You can also consume seafood, although many prefer not to and stick to only poultry. Meeting the daily need for protein by eating white meat is the right thing to do. After all, red meat and white meat have so many differences. Some suggest that white meat is overall healthier due to its lower fat content.


As said before, there are a few things that make white meat a better option than red meat. Some people follow the pollotarian diet not because they want to lose weight. They simply just want to cut down on the cholesterol intake. Cholesterol could be detrimental for health if it’s consumed excessively. It’s easy to exceed the daily requirement of this compound when a diet consists mainly of red meat.

In other words, if you want to stay healthy while still eating meat, poultry could be an option. This diet could lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, but it’s also important to consume lean chicken. There are certain parts of chicken that have more fat, like the skin. So if you want to stay true to the purpose of this diet, then eat skinless poultry.

Pollotarian and vegetarian

Pollotarian falls under the umbrella of vegetarian diets. This is why people also call it as pollo-vegetarian. The difference is strict vegans usually adhere to the rule of not eating meat, including poultry. They also don’t eat fish because it is an animal food source. Some even go as far as not consuming eggs and dairy products since they’re related to animals.

Well, if you consider yourself as a strict vegan, then this diet is probably not suitable for you. Many people use the pollotarian diet as a transition period before they go full vegan. People who only consume plant-based foods are very concerned about how animals are poorly farmed, so they decide not to consume their meats.

Pollotarian meal plan

You can include anything in a pollotarian meal plan. Keep in mind that this diet is not for weight loss because there are no strict rules of how much poultry you can eat in a single day. There is no limitation when it comes to calories, either. You can eat as much chicken as you want as long as red meats are ticked off the list. If you think this diet could aid in weight loss, then think again. Well, it could be if you watch the daily calorie intake.

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