Awesome Benefits of Eating Almonds Daily

Awesome Benefits of Eating Almonds Daily

Almonds are one of the best nuts you can consume daily thanks to their high nutritional value. Besides, almonds also taste great. They are often added to processed foods like chocolate bars and others. There are many reasons to eat them, such as:

Improved brain power

Eating almonds regularly can help boost your brain power. Riboflavin and L-Carnitine are two nutrients responsible for this benefit. Eating foods rich in these compounds have also been proven to be effective for preventing degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Although they taste great, you shouldn’t overeat them. 2 or 3 are enough per day. Also don’t forget to get rid of the outer shell just to be safe since some people have an allergy to it.

Stronger bones

Almonds are rich in healthy compounds. Phosphorous contained in these nuts are an essential building block for the bones and teeth. Although we know the vital role of calcium in this formation, phosphorous is just as important to reinforce its power. Basically, these two elements need to come together in order to form healthy and strong bones.

Controlled cholesterol

There have been studies conducted to discover the impact of almonds on blood pressure. According to one study, those eating these nuts on a regular basis were less susceptible to an increase in LDL. LDL is the type of cholesterol that we should strictly watch over because it’s associated with heart disease. Not only can they lower the bad cholesterol, but almonds also help prevent LDL oxidation. For those unaware, this process plays a major part in the development of heart disease.

Improved heart condition

There are many ways almonds can protect you from heart disease. Let’s break down the components of these healthy nuts. There are monounsaturated fats in them, which are a healthy type of fat. There is also a sufficient amount of Vitamin E, which is known as a powerful antioxidant. Magnesium is also present in these nuts, which could help prevent the onset of a heart attack. Broadly speaking, almonds have properties that can reduce inflammation throughout the body and plaque buildup in your blood vessels.

Weight loss

Nuts are generally packed with calories, so you shouldn’t consume them too much. Almonds are no different when it comes to calorie counts. However, almonds are also known for their satiating effect. These nuts have protein, fat, and fiber in the right amounts. All of these can make you feel full longer. For this reason, if you’re on a diet, adding almonds to the plan will help a lot. Keep in mind that almonds also contain magnesium which is essential for the regulation of blood sugar. Eating almonds will help curb the appetite. As a result, you can stop before eating too many calories each day.

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